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FreedomWorks to John Deere Employees: Is Your Job Safe?


John Deere is playing politics with their employee's jobs - so FreedomWorks and the National Center for Public Policy Research are calling them out in a new ad campaign. 

Watch the ad here.

It's hard to understand how a company like John Deere be in favor of policies that would hurt them and their customers, but Tom Borelli tries to explain what is going on in this great article at

There is a disconnect between the economic consequences of cap-and-trade and Deere’s business interest. But maybe Deere has a good answer for this paradox.

Maybe Deere has a different economic analysis that shows cap-and-trade is good for business?
Perhaps the company took to heart the conclusion of Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” documentary and the company is willing to sacrifice its business for the sake of the planet?
Of course, it’s possible that Deere jumped on the fossil fuel crusade to curry favor with progressive politicians and their environmental special interest allies.

It looks like Deere is willing to risk employees' futures in political games rather than stand on principle and fight down bad policies.  Apparently they never heard that rent seekers never win.