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Press Release

FreedomWorks: Larry Kudlow Should Replace Gary Cohn

Following news that Gary Cohn resigned as White House chief economic adviser, FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon commented:

“Gary Cohn has been a valued driver of pro-growth economic reform, and it will be critical to replace him with someone who continues this administration’s free-market policy momentum.

“Larry Kudlow would be an excellent choice to replace Cohn. He’s a former economist in the Ronald Reagan administration with the knowledge and the experience necessary to advise the president on ‘America First’ policies that will continue growing the economy and creating jobs through free markets, lower taxes, and less regulation. The White House deserves to have the finest economic minds in the room, and Larry Kudlow is the real deal.”


You are the man Gary, looks like you became more than a truck driver aye


For those with little awareness of his works we need an update on the same.

Tomallen's picture

I believe that Larry Kudlow would indeed be a great economic advisor to the current administration. We need people like him to help put economic policies in place to help even small business guys like myself. Tom -