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Press Release

FreedomWorks Launches the “2012 Freedom Platform,” A Crowd-Sourced Survey to Prioritize Economic Reform

Washington, DC- Following a weekend-long grassroots boot camp attended by 125 activists from 26 key battleground states, FreedomWorks announced the launch of the “2012 Freedom Platform,” a national online survey that will use feedback from taxpayers across the country to prioritize economic reform.

The announcement was made last Monday at a press conference in the FreedomWorks Headquarters by Vice Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) Jim Bopp, who will be working closely with FreedomWorks to advise on the platform’s eventual submission for consideration to be incorporated into the official GOP platform.

“Like the structure of the Tea Party movement itself, the Freedom Platform uses a model of decentralization to unite a powerful grassroots constituency around a set of ideas while allowing every individual to play a part in the process,” commented Russ Walker, National Political Director of FreedomWorks. “In recent years, the Tea Party movement has turned the political playing field upside down. It’s no longer candidates telling taxpayers what they need- it’s about taxpayers telling candidates what they believe.”

Much like the “Contract from America” in 2010 which garnered nearly half a million votes in less than two months, and the Tea Party Debt Commission Budget which identified $9.7 trillion in spending cuts in the federal budget without raising taxes, the “Freedom Platform” will utilize crowd-sourcing technology to obtain the most accurate representation of the needs and priorities of the American people. The survey addresses a variety of economic issues, including tax reform, energy production, spending cuts, health care, sound money, right to work, ending crony capitalism and bold entitlement reform.

Walker added, “We believe the Tea Party movement is a powerful grassroots constituency that can make or break the success of Republican candidates in November, and our cooperation with the RNC is a clear sign that the Republican establishment is starting to understand that reality as well. We are very excited to serve as an intermediary between the RNC and the hundreds of thousands of fiscal conservative grassroots activists who demand their voices be heard this election cycle.”

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