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FreedomWorks Live: ObamaCare Coverage


Today was a historic day for the Supreme Court, and for the future of health care reform. Here at FreedomWorks, we're both excited that the principles of limited government have been upheld, but disappointed in the outcome. 

However, the fight isn't over! We're still fighting to repeal ObamaCare, and we know that it's time for lots of victories in November!

In the meantime, you can rewatch our coverage of the Supreme Court's decision here. Our health policy expert had the chance to get the first reactions from lots of people, including Senators Lindsey Graham, John Barrasso, and Mike Lee. 

SCOTUS LiveStream

We'll continue fighting for a full repeal, and we're looking forward to our victories in November!  

Patrick O'Brien

After the Florida event go to : and
hearC.L. Bryant and Deneen Borelli talk about FREEPAC.