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Press Release

FreedomWorks, Ohio Tea Party Leaders Launch Campaign to “Vote YES” on Issues 2 and 3

WASHINGTON, DC- FreedomWorks, Ohio Tea Party groups and limited-government activists are engaged in an aggressive grassroots campaign to defend the taxpayers of Ohio and to educate voters on the importance of voting “YES” for Issues 2 and 3 on November 8th.

Voting YES on Issue 2 would protect Governor Kasich’s SB5 reform bill passed last spring, which enacted collective bargaining and pension reform for public sector unions, merit pay for teachers, and expanded school choice. Issue 2 would also prevent future tax hikes, save jobs by cutting costs for local governments, and reduce spending to balance the state budget.

Voting YES on Issue 3 would advance the Health Care Freedom Amendment, protecting Ohio from the Obamacare individual mandate and preventing the state Medicaid budget from a $1 billion increase.

“What used to be one of the most prosperous states in the nation, Ohio has lagged in economic growth for an entire generation. Senate Bill 5 was the first critical step to getting Ohio back on track by laying the foundation for future job growth,” commented Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks.  “Voting YES on Issues 2 and 3 will protect Governor Kasich’s pro-growth reforms and ensure that private sector businesses in Ohio have the freedom to give hard-working Ohio taxpayers the jobs and the employee health care benefits they deserve.”

FreedomWorks produced tens of thousands of yard signs and door hangers for local activists to distribute across the state of Ohio, with more to come. Activists can also download and print door hangers online. The newly launched web campaign,, allows Ohio voters to download and submit an absentee ballot to make their voices heard while saving a trip to the polls.

At the request of local activists, FreedomWorks set up distribution centers in six locations throughout Ohio, including Cincinnati, Bowling Green, Avon Lake, Westlake, and West Milton. “I reached out to FreedomWorks for signs and door hangers to educate voters on Issues 2 and 3 because they are important steps towards giving local communities the freedom they need to get taxes and spending under control,” commented David Zupan, FreedomWorks Ohio State Director. “We can’t afford to keep growing our state government while the private sector shrinks.”

FreedomWorks will continue to support activists on the ground with Get Out The Vote (GOTV) materials for Issues 2 and 3 and host grassroots events across the state between now and November.