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FreedomWorks Releases 2020 Platform and Activist Pledge

FreedomWorks is proud to roll out its 2020 policy platform for the Republican Party. Too often, lawmakers in the GOP have been unwilling or unable to implement bold conservative solutions to the problems facing everyday Americans. In some cases, they simply have no guiding principles at all. It is our sincere hope that President Trump and Republican lawmakers across the country would use the attached platform as a model to guide their policymaking agenda for the next four years and beyond. Click here to see the 2020 Policy Platform.

We have also released our pledge, where our community of over 6 million activists can express and pledge their support for the principles that underwrite this platform. Like with the inception of the Tea Party movement, taking the next step towards a more conservative, liberty-minded America begins at the bottom up. We hope Americans from all walks of life will join in supporting this bold agenda for the future of our nation. Click here to see the 2020 Policy Pledge.