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Press Release

FreedomWorks Statement on Kasich Entering the GOP Field

FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented on Governor Kasich entering the GOP presidential field:

"We welcome Governor Kasich to the race for the Republican presidential nomination. His experience as a former congressman and governor will serve him well. On policy, however, Kasich is a mixed bag. We appreciate his efforts to advance justice reform, but his misguided expansion of ObamaCare will prove to be a costly boondoggle for taxpayers."

stonestone's picture
stone stone

How many does this make now? Like 200 GOP candidates?

rae yearnd

Kasich is another Blue State RYNO. Big government solutions are not the way forward. You can add Christie to this list too.
Kasich was the right man at the right time when he was executing Newt's plans. However in order to Qualify for serious consideration for this nomination he will have to chart a course away from what was necessary in OHIO. I see him as the older model of Paul Ryan another big government apologist.