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Press Release

FreedomWorks Targets House “Conservatives” Supporting Cap-and-Trade


FreedomWorks put members of the House Blue Dog Caucus as well as the Republican Conference that voted for H.R. 2454, the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill, on notice that grassroots activists in their districts would be spreading the word on their support for the massive new tax on energy production and consumption that this legislation threatens to enact.

These targeted Members of Congress, 31 in all including 23 Blue Dog Democrats and 8 Republicans, have publicly claimed the mantle of fiscal responsibility.  However, as H.R. 2454 is estimated to cost anywhere from $750 to over $3,000 a year per family as a result of this new energy tax that will be created through the bill’s cap-and-trade scheme to regulate carbon emissions, FreedomWorks believes their constituents have the right to know that their rhetoric doesn’t match their actions.

FreedomWorks will be leveraging its activist networks in these lawmakers’ districts to help spread the word of their “yes” vote on H.R. 2454 despite the potentially disastrous economic implications.  High energy prices affect everything from heating, electricity, and fuel prices to agriculture, manufacturers, and shipping costs.  Especially in today’s tough economic times, this policy is the wrong approach for American businesses and taxpayers.  

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe sent a letter to each of the 31 targeted Members of Congress which read in part, “H.R. 2454 runs counter to any interpretation of fiscal conservative principal and indeed to fiscal sanity itself.  Our members in your district will be working hard to make sure this message and your “yes” vote are communicated within their communities.”

For a sample of the letter and complete list of targeted legislators please CLICK HERE.