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Press Release

FreedomWorks, Tax Relief Coalition Send Letter to U.S. Senate

September 1, 2005

TO: All Members of the United States Senate

Dear Senator:

On behalf of the Tax Relief Coalition’s (TRC) 1,024 member organizations – representing 1.8 million businesses – we strongly urge you to support full and permanent repeal of the death tax during votes scheduled to occur in the Senate next week. The current estate tax regime represents a huge burden on America’s small businesses and we urge you to take this opportunity to eliminate, once and for all, this onerous tax.

In 2001, TRC’s members ( led the charge to eliminate the death tax. Even though the death tax is scheduled to disappear in 2010, absent legislative action, the tax will reappear in its pre-2001 state in 2011. The 2001 death tax repeal provisions, while necessitated by the Senate budget rules, have created a financial planning nightmare. As affected individuals became familiar with what was done in 2001, they quickly and logically became disillusioned, confused, and disheartened.

The current debate must not produce a reinforcement of these views within the small business community. The Senate has an opportunity to correct this situation and now is the time to ensure that the death tax is fully and permanently repealed.

Thank you in advance for supporting this critical tax law change. It is the right thing to do for taxpayers and for the economy.



Grover Norquist Stephen E. Sandherr
President Chief Executive Officer
Americans for Tax Reform Associated General Contractors

John J. Castellani John Motley
President Senior Vice President-Government Affairs
The Business Roundtable Food Marketing Institute

Matt Kibbe David French
President Senior Vice President
FreedomWorks International Foodservice Distributors Association

Mike Baroody Dirk Van Dongen
Executive Vice President President
National Association of Manufacturers National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

Dan Danner Rob Green
Senior Vice President-Public Policy Acting Sr. Vice President-Government Affairs
National Federation of Independent National Restaurant Association

R. Bruce Josten
Executive Vice President-Government Affairs
U.S. Chamber of Commerce