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Press Release

FreedomWorks Update: Tea Party Resources and Action Items


We all have a lot on our plates as Congress continues to pack their last days in power with one bad bill after another, elections loom just around the corner, and many events are coming up in the next months. It would be easy for anyone to feel overwhelmed. Of course, this is exactly when we need to make sure we don't let the pressure up, that we see this fight through to the end.

To lighten the load a bit, we've put together this wrap-up for the week where you can find all the latest news and resources in one handy email. Please take a few minutes to read about everything that is going on and take action!

Tea Party: The Documentary Movie

The Tea Party Movie DVD tells the truth about the conservative grassroots movement through the eyes of the activists themselves. Cheered by audiences nationwide, this inspiring and powerful story gets the heart of why WE THE PEOPLE are TAKING OUR COUNTY BACK! This is the only film that tells the truth and captures the genuine motives of the movement.

We feel it is so important that you see this film that FreedomWorks has arranged a special discount on the purchase of the DVD. Just enter the coupon code "Freedom" at checkout for your special price.

Click here to see the exciting trailer and order the DVD now at a special price with your "Freedom" coupon code.

Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto

In Give Us Liberty, the former House Majority Leader and FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe define what the Tea Party is fighting for and how all Americans can join the cause. This activist manifesto contains a battle-tested, step-by-step guide to organizing and having a real impact. Based on the successful experiences of local Tea Party movement leaders, it includes tips on building local grassroots communities, driving media coverage, social networking online, effective signs and messaging, street protests, and more. Politico recently reported that we can expect four books about the tea party to come out over the next year, but only Give Us Liberty is a positive first hand account from inside the movement. Pre-order your copy here.

Cap and Trade Update

Reports from the Hill on the energy grab legislation seem to change daily. Thanks to weeks of nonstop pressure from activists around the country we've been able to force the Senate back to the drawing board again and again. Currently, Senator Reid is still promising to take up an energy bill before the August recess, but the legislation has been repeatedly watered-down as the Senate leadership scrambles for votes. Please help us continue to spread the word about this job killing bill - higher energy costs are the last thing an already struggling economy needs! Take Action now.

No Lame Duck Petition

In an astonishingly short period of time, the No Lame Duck Petition has garnered over 50,000 signers and gained the attention of those on the Hill who are suddenly backpeddaling where only a week before they had promised a raft of big government bills to be passed in a lame duck session after November. It's clear our message is helping to shed some much-needed light on a potentially huge threat to liberty.

Help keep the momentum moving forward by urging your friends to sign the petition here. You can also find the latest news and even download a copy of the petition to take to local events, or share with your friends. When you've filled the petition, please mail it back and we will collect them to deliver to the Hill in person.

Ray Stevens: We the People

Those who attended the April 15 Taxday Tea Party got the opportunity to see music legend Ray Stevens in person as he performed his hits like Throw the Bums Out, The Global Warming Song, and led the crowd in singing the National Anthem. Stevens has long been a big supporter of the tea party movement and has a gift for poking holes in the rhetoric of the left. Check out his latest collection, We the People, here.

That's probably enough for one week. Please keep an eye out for updates on the 9/12 Taxpayer March on Washington and other upcoming events. Thank you for your help as we keep up the fight for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom!