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Press Release

FreedomWorks Urges House to Adopt MacArthur-Meadows Amendment to AHCA

FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon released the following statement about the amendment to the American Health Care Act, H.R. 1628, proposed by Reps. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) and Mark Meadows (R-N.C.):

“We’ve maintained that the American Health Care Act must do more to reduce cost of health insurance. The House Freedom Caucus realized that the bill failed to address premium costs, which have skyrocketed under ObamaCare. The MacArthur-Meadows amendment addresses two costly parts of ObamaCare, community rating and the essential health benefits, providing states with much-needed flexibility to stabilize the market, enroll more people in health plans, and bring down the cost of premiums.

“We thank Reps. MacArthur and Meadows for their work on this amendment, which represents a path forward on health care in House. If the MacArthur-Meadows amendment were adopted, we would immediately withdraw our key vote against the American Health Care Act.”

orionjah's picture

Is this a win? I have read several articles about this today and I am having difficulty realizing the gain. Is there a reason I should not think that this "American Health Care Act" and this new amendment is not simply a repackaged Obamacare? I keep looking for something simple like "the Obamacare mandate has been eliminated" so that people would not be penalized for not using a bad product. Will this act and its amendment leave the program in the black or still sinking in a sea of red ink? No one is saying that health care does not need fixed. I am saying that benefits of this amendment, and why it deserves our support are not readily apparent. Specifically, the last sentence of the 2nd paragraph of the article above, how does that save our people AND our nation anything? Obviously a lot of people are working hard to answer the displeasure of a lot of voters but won't compromise of this sort signal acceptance of the whole AHCA?