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Press Release

FreedomWorks to the White House: If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have Nothing to Fear

Washington, DC- Following news that the Obama administration refused to release documents that could prove the IRS shared taxpayer returns with the White House, FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe released the following statement:

“The Obama administration, after promising to be the most transparent in history, is once again hiding the truth. Apparently warrantless surveillance of American civilians is an acceptable federal practice, while documents that potentially show illegal activity between the IRS and the White House hide under the veil of privacy and disclosure laws. The White House should step out of the shadows and volunteer these documents- if they have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear.”

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Transparency is not a optional course of action : it is required as a constitutional republic. To accept nonclarity, just because this is the reality of one administration, has endangered citizens and allies alike. IGs should never be muted. And the administration should be dogged until clarity is returned. Whether they are in office or not. We must be able to walk where they walked : to see where they lost their way.