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Generation Why?


To the surprise of absolutely no one, the Wall Street Journal noted last week that members of so-called "Generation Y" are heavily in favor of President Obama's proposed health care reform, despite the fact that they will be the ones left to deal with the fallout from long-term cost overruns and degraded quality of care.

The Journal reports: "Young adults remain some of the strongest supporters of a health-care overhaul, but many acknowledge they don't understand proposals that will likely saddle them with higher costs." At the same time, the article goes on to say, an NBC poll found that 48 percent of young adults don't understand or only understand a little of what is being debated.

That ignorance is exactly what politicians are counting on when they feed platitudes about health care as a "right" to the useful idiots overpopulating the nation's college campuses and urban centers. By taking advantage of their seemingly limitless credulity, D.C. bureaucrats can convince shallow young people to support a plan that will require them to subsidize increasingly expensive medical care for older adults (read: voters).

Stop me if this storyline sounds familiar, but much like the Social Security and Medicare benefits young Americans pay for but will never see, this new entitlement (and probably the federal government) is certain to be bankrupt long before Gen Y gets any of its money back.

But rather than protest the destruction of their sycophantic audience's future earning potential, "comedians" like the AARP-eligible Jon Stewart, or the capitalist-hating millionaire Michael Moore, fake hipness and objectivity to shamelessly shill for bigger government and less freedom. All at the incalculable expense of those who lap up their distortions on command.

Which is perfect for the politicians because, while Generation Y claps and laughs like a bunch of well-trained seals, their hands are too busy to keep the feds from picking their pockets.


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