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Press Release

Is Georgia Really Cutting Spending?

Data recently released in the National Governors Association’s Fiscal Survey of States shows that Georgia’s budget for this year is set to increase spending despite increased revenue from additional taxes and fees levied on its citizens. In 2003, expenditures were estimated at just over $16.1 billion, but plans for 2004 have them increasing $177 million to nearly $16.3 billion. This is an increase in spending, despite rough economic times, additional federal bailout money, and roughly $400 million in tax and fee increases.

This is an irresponsible budget that does not reflect the needs of the state during difficult economic times such as these. Lawmakers need to live within their means and not rely on increased tax and fee revenue to balance a budget while increasing needless spending at the same time.

CSE wants to take action and prevent this from happening agains in the future – but we need you!

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