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GOP Joint Economic Committee healthcare charts illustrate harmful effects of Reid bill

The GOP Joint Economic Committee compiled a series of charts that illustrate the harmful effects of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) healthcare takeover bill, including:

  • Tax increases (particularly on the middle class)

  • Employer effects

  • Marriage penalties and other bad disincentives

  • Consequences of non- or inadequately inflation indexed taxes

  • Cuts in Medicare

  • Subsidies for citizens vs. non-citizens

  • Health care outcomes and cost comparisons across countries

  • A detailed flow-chart on “How to keep your Dr. under the Senate bill”

All 38 charts can be seen here. 

chart 1

chart 2

chart 3

(Note that these charts do not reflect recent changes in the Senate bill such as the indexing of FSA’s or the increase in the Medicare “surtax” to 0.9 percent.)