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Governor Nikki Haley on Health Care: Part Three

In the final part of my three part interview with Governor Nikki Haley, we discussed how the subject of gun control found it's way into the health care debate and the question of South Carolina's role going forward in the fight against Obamacare.

In the recent executive actions Obama signed, one was to "clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes."  Obviously the idea of gun inquires at the doctor's office has many people nervous.  I asked Governor Haley why she thought the issue of guns was included in health care legislation.

That is so ridiculous.  I mean that is so ridiculous that you are going to your doctor to talk about your healthcare and he wants to know about whether you own a gun or not.  It is something that shows how far away we have gotten from the focus.  If you care about someone’s health care, then you should care about their health care.  If you care about someone’s second amendment rights, then you ask them that in a different venue.  But to bring someone into a medical facility and ask them if they have a gun is irresponsible and it’s not something, it’s totally conflicting from where they say their goal is, which is to get people healthy.

The last subject of our talk concerned the future of the fight against Obamacare. As many are saying the states will be the final battleground against the federal government trying to takeover healthcare, I asked Governor Haley if that is a fight SC wants to be a part of?

That is a fight South Carolina is already a part of and we will be and it goes along with everything else with DC.  States do what states do best when they are allowed the flexibility to take care of their citizens.  States who have poor outcomes are the ones who are mandated by DC on what they think is best.  They can’t manage their own fiscal health, they can’t manage their own budgets, they don’t need to be telling states how to do it because the states are balancing our budgets, we’re managing our debt, we are taking care of things. We are already having success, why would we go to something that is broken to tell us how to do our jobs?

The resistance from the states is obviously not sitting well with the Obama administration.  Their initial reaction was to extend the deadline for states to set up exchanges.  However when that deadline, in early December 2012, was approaching with no change in position from the states in question, the administration attempted to turn up the heat.  The federal government established new rules at the end of November 2012 dictating insurance companies will be charged additional fees for plans sold through the federal insurance exchange; as opposed to plans sold through those states with their own exchanges.  Of course insurance companies, who will already be struggling in competing with ObamaCare’s endless taxpayer provided money supply, will be forced to pass along the new taxes to their consumers who reside in states that do not have a state exchange.  In this way, the Obama administration sought to punish the states for not doing as they were told; revealing, at best, a complete misunderstanding of economics and, at worst, a lack of concern for citizens having any choice in their health care.  With the states holding strong against implementing state exchanges, the federal government gave in and waived the exchange deadline all-together. Currently, the administration is seeking to push the idea of "partnership exchanges" with states that have not set up state exchanges.  The date for agreement to their newest plan is set for February 15, but it doesn't look like the administration will be getting their Valentine's wish.

Instead, governors like Nikki Haley intend on continuing to fight back and, in doing so, Americans will end up with better health care than ObamaCare could possibly provide.  For citizens, the next step is urging states to join the resistance to help America move in the right direction for our nation's health care.  The fight to prevent this massive government overreach is not lost; It is in fact, only beginning.

Washington76's picture

How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis!

Today, we are constantly being told, the United States faces a health care crisis. Medical costs are too high, and health insurance is out of reach of the poor. The cause of this crisis is never made very clear, but the cure is obvious to nearly everybody: government must step in to solve the problem.

D Williams

GOOD VIDEO Washington76, it is one that everyone should watch. Patricia wants more Gument WE want less. Lest you forget, the more control the Gument has the MORE it costs everyone of us and I am damn tired of paying for useless services that DON'T work. I have an idea. Let's level it and start over!

slwoodward's picture
Scotty Woodward

Yea, the democrats NEVER use scare tactics to get the uninformed on their side.

Patricia Finley

Nikki Haley & Mental Health - Over past two years, SC has made 2nd largest cuts to mental health services of any state in USA. source-NAMI
The following information was already announced in January. Nikki Haley and Tony Keck are just repeating what has already happened. Beginning next year, Medicaid-designated rural hospitals in South Carolina will be fully compensated through the Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) program for their uncompensated care costs. In this news release it says the following - The DSH program is a taxpayer-supported $461 million Medicaid fund used to compensate hospitals in South Carolina for the unreimbursed costs of
providing inpatient and outpatient hospital services to the uninsured
and Medicaid eligible individuals. I guess in a around about way the DSH program IS a taxpayer supported program - It is a federally funded program.
Apparently Nikki Haley is accepting more federal funds than she wants anyone to know about. In news releases she is conveniently leaving out the fact that
many programs that she claims to be funding - is being funded with federal
dollars. So if Nikki Haley is already using federal dollars - why not just go ahead and expand Medicaid and adopt ACA better known as Obamacare.
Nikki Haley and Tony Keck are the ones that are setting up death panel by denying the residents of SC the proper medical care. Nikki Haley and other republicans are using scare tactics to try and tell people they will lose their jobs if Obamacare is adopted - sad!