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Health Care Rally Photos


When it was announced on Thursday that the Senate would be taking a vote to proceed with health care legislation on Saturday, a number of groups in Virginia sprang into action.

Kudos to: We Surround Them - Richmond, the Richmond Liberty Alliance, and Tertium Quids for their quick response.

In less than 24 hours, they drew several hundred activists who stretched in a line between the Richmond district offices of Senators Warner and Webb, in the middle of a work day.

They wanted to make sure Warner and Webb know that a bill lacking tort reform and containing an individual mandate is unacceptable.

We may yet lose this fight at the national level, but I have no doubt that the organization which has developed among limited government activists over the last 10 months will ultimately prove decisive.



And from a doctors' protest on Saturday in McClean, VA:


Good thing they wore their white coats!