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Press Release

Help Stop Minnesota Tax Hike


Even after freedom-loving citizens took to the streets last week on April 15 to protest the tax and spend ways of our federal and state governments, it looks like a massive tax hike is still on the horizon for Minnesotans.  There is a plan to raise the state cigarette tax by a whole $1 making its way through the Minnesota legislature. That would make a pack in Minnesota cost almost $7!

It’s clear that we still have to keep up the pressure on our elected officials to do the right thing.  Take Action and urge your leaders to oppose this tax hike.

Like many other hurting states, Minnesota is facing a $4.6 billion budget gap.  That’s a big hole, but trying to fill that with more taxes, especially taxes that affect a minority of Minnesotans just won’t work. 

States that enact cigarette taxes, hoping to get a fresh wave of cash in the door, rarely see those promised funds.  That hole will still be there and they’ll have to turn to even more taxes and fees from taxpayer pockets. 

Cigarette tax hikes hurt Minnesota’s small businesses.  To avoid high costs, people turn to the black market, the internet, across state lines, and to Indian reservations to get cheaper cigarettes. 

At a time when everyone – not just the state government – is struggling to make ends meet, our elected officials should think twice before raising taxes.  If citizens are cutting back on expenses, reconsidering where their money goes, and sticking to a budget, the state should too! 

This is the time for real leaders to make the tough choices necessary to promote real growth in Minnesota.  Cutting waste and spending, and rolling back regulations would make the state a great place to do business and bring jobs to the area. 

Take Action and tell your elected officials Minnesota doesn’t need new tax hikes, we need lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.