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Press Release

Help Stop Tax Hikes in Kansas


Barely a year ago, some legislators in Kansas tried to push through a whopping $0.75 per pack cigarette tax hike. Luckily, it didn’t pass. Even though Kansas already has some of the highest cigarette taxes in the region, the idea hasn’t gone away and Governor Parkinson is already eyeing a tax hike as he prepares his 2011 budget. That means he’s looking for funds to grow government; something Kansans can’t afford.

Take Action and tell Governor Parkinson you oppose tax hikes.

Politicians often see cigarette taxes as a source of quick cash, but the expected revenue rarely materializes. Instead of paying exorbitant taxes, smokers simply go across state lines to places like Missouri where taxes on cigarettes  are only 17 cents compared to Kansas’ 79 cents. Others turn to the black market and states with high cigarette taxes can expect higher crime rates as lower cost cigarettes are smuggled into the state.

Whether you smoke or not, you should be concerned that Governor Parkinson is trying to build a budget on money that isn’t there, and probably will never be. This is the same kind of wishful thinking that has led other states into giant deficits and other financial problems.

Kansas families have to budget for reality and in these tough economic times that means cutting back and living within their means. With others forced to sacrifice, there’s no reason the Governor can’t do the same. Your wallet isn’t his ATM. Governor Parkinson should cut wasteful spending and eliminate unnecessary programs before he goes looking for more taxes to raise.

Take Action to oppose new tax hikes.

The  state  legislature doesn’t convene until January, but your legislators and Governor should hear from you now, before they get too attached to your money.