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Press Release

Help Us Fight Taxes and Spending in Florida


I just wanted to take a minute and update you on our efforts to fight taxes and spending in Florida. Many of you will be excited to learn that we are planning Taxpayer Tea Parties in multiple cities across Florida! This is because of the overwhelming interest in joining our effort to fight wasteful government spending and the massive bailouts.

You can rsvp for these events by visiting and signing up to attend the tea party closest to you.

As CNBC's Rick Santelli pointed out, it's time for the American people to defend free markets and take to the streets in protest!

SIGN UP NOW for the protest closest to you! We will send you updates on the events as we get them.

Also, if you care about wasteful spending and higher taxes, you might want to take a minute to send the politicians in Tallahassee a message. Some legislators are proposing an increase in the cigarette tax, saying that they need more money to spend. This is ridiculous! The state government should not be spending more, but less.

And it certainly should not be raising taxes on anyone during a recession. Sure, the nanny-staters want to control people's lives and punish smokers, but do they know that smokers tend to be poorer than non-smokers? Plus, increasing taxes on cigarettes will harm small businessses that sell them, which will only lead to more economic suffering.

Please TAKE ACTION and tell the politicians in Tallahassee that enough is enough! It's time that they make real spending cuts and reduce the size of the state government.

Thank you for your dedication to lower taxes, less government and more freedom. We will be sure to keep you updated on ways to help us defend liberty in Florida.