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Press Release

Here's What FreedomWorks Activists Have Done to Bring About a New Speaker of the House

Following Speaker Boehner’s resignation, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon noted how this is an example of grassroots politics at its best.

Here are the numbers on what FreedomWorks activists have done to bring about a new Speaker of the House:

  • Over 130,000 signatures on FreedomWorks petitions to fire Boehner as Speaker.
  • Over 24,000 messages were sent to Congress by activists demanding they remove Boehner as Speaker.
  • Over 18,000 calls to Members of Congress urging them to remove Boehner from the Speakership.
  • Over 4,000 signed the petition to stand with Congressman Mark Meadows after he filed his resolution to vacate the Speaker’s chair.
cradliff13's picture

First, it was Eric Cantor. Now, John Boehner. Success breeds success. It's Mitch McConnell's turn.

Starship's picture

Since he announced his resignation, he should be removed as the Speaker of the House immediately. If this were a business, his desk would be cleaned out, and he would be escorted from the premises. The reasoning is that he could do major damage to the company (the United States) if allowed to remain after terminating his allegiance to his position.

butterfly67's picture

Let Boehner cry on Pelosi's shoulder, but she will probably dump him also, he will no longer be useful to her.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

We democrats thank you. By helping to splinter the GOP into divisions and to drive an agenda that is unpalatable to
The majority of Americans assures a win in 2016. Thanks again.

mlesko73's picture

Right, 70% of the country believes the country is headed in the wrong direction, and the GOP policies are unpalatable.
This country was founded on the GOP "agenda" otherwise known as the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.
You're looking for Europe.

butterfly67's picture

I want to see that clown you call President impeached for treason, and the anti-American Democrat torn apart and let real Americans take over our government to save our country from radical nuts