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House Overwhelmingly Passes Audit the Fed. So, Why Won't Harry Reid Bring it to a Vote?

As expected, the House overwhelmingly passed legislation (H.R. 24) to audit the Federal Reserve with a vote of 333-92. This goes to show that bringing transparency to the central bank is a bipartisan issue that transcends party lines. FreedomWorks will be scoring this important vote in our congressional scorecard to hold legislators accountable.

Thank you to all the activists who called their representative and urged them to vote yes!

Now, Audit the Fed moves on to the Senate. Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) has introduced identical Fed transparency legislation (S.209) that has 30 cosponsors. Unfortunately, there are no signs that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will bring it to a vote.

We were in the same boat two years ago.

Rep. Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill overwhelmingly passed the House but Reid refused to bring the popular bill to a vote. This is strange since Reid vocally supported an audit in the 1990’s, yet he’s now the one blocking it from happening.

Don’t believe me? Watch this from 1995:

Instead, Harry Reid is complaining that Republicans are saying no to (bad) bills that he’s tried to pass. Alright, then how about finally putting Audit the Fed to a vote? Both Republicans and Democrats should be able to support bringing accountability to the Federal Reserve.

After all, in Reid’s own words, "There is no entity in the world that controls our lives more than the Federal Reserve System.” Surely, that means the American people deserve to know what’s happening behind closed doors at the powerful institution.

It’s time for the Senate to finally vote on Audit the Fed. Harry Reid must stop blocking a vote on such a crucial matter that the majority of Americans support.

Zoey Roberts's picture
Zoey Roberts

There is always a long conversation whenever the topic is about Federal Reserve. Some people are not enamored of the Federal reserve, the independent government bureau that determines the nation's monetary policy and sets interest rates. The House of Representatives has just approved a stringent bill to audit the Federal reserve, though it's not likely to go anywhere. Feel free to visit for your emergency expenses.

jerry.sypek's picture

The fed is a privately owned bank rather than a federal entity and should have been ended decades ago. See who past heads of the entity were and their memberships in the bilderberg group.

jerry.sypek's picture

The fed is a privately owned bank rather than a federal entity and should have been ended decades ago. See who past heads of the entity were and their memberships in the bilderberg group.

Gary Wood's picture
Gary Wood

People like to point to Harry Reid as a problem for being able to block any legislation. It's not that he's the problem, he simply takes advantage of the root cause. The tradition started in the House in 1899 and began to corrupt the Senate in 1910, quickly infecting every legislative body at the state and general level. He should have 1 vote, period. Yet both major parties love the terrible tradition of Majority/Minority party position inside our legislative branch, along with the accompanying perks, committee chairmanships, and more. This is a tradition the people should demand an end to. There is nothing we need to amend, no laws we need to alter, simply the people only need demand the terrible tradition stops and these types of positions are no longer allowed inside the legislative sessions. Take them to their party but NOT in our House or Senate...simple. Sadly, most think these Majority/Minority positions are important or, even worse, some think it is how our system was setup. It's a terrible tradition and Reid is only one example of why it is terrible and must be stopped before any sanity can be restored and partisan deadlock reduced...

Tim Foulke's picture
Tim Foulke

The simple truth is that Harry Reid is exactly like 98% of the 635 people ensconced in the halls of Congress, in that he has no morals and no principles. He acts and speaks solely for political advantage, according to the needs of the moment. He doesn't worry about videos or other accounts of past statements because he knows, as all the establishment types know, that the people who vote for him aren't paying attention. It is not a question of Republican or Democrat, they may wear different uniforms but they are playing the same game. The house passed their resolution knowing it will die in the Senate. Rand Paul introduced his knowing it will go nowhere. The game is rigged, and I am not convinced a peaceful revolution at the ballot box is possible.

jchilders329's picture

It's not right that he can stop legislation like he has. One man shouldn't be capable of stopping our government system. The only things that ever gets passed is the democrats work and that's not how our country is suppose to work. I swear to god I am on the verge of leaving this country for good.

cissygast's picture

In my opinion, Harry Reid is so anal, he won't bring anything to the floor suggested by the Republican majority, even when it was originally his idea.. He's a nasty, vindictive old tyrant.

Lauren Miller's picture
Lauren Miller

Thanks a lot for this post. A small, but growing, number of individuals are not thrilled with the workings or indeed existence of the Federal reserve. The country's central bank does, after all, set financial policy and figure out the costs of extending credit for banks. However, a bill that would authorize Congress to audit the Fed has just approved the House of Representatives. Learn more at