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How Net Neutrality Regulations Will Change the Internet

In our first video, Communications Coordinator Iris Somberg cleared up a few of the basics on what Net Neutrality really is. Now, we go in depth with Chief Economist and Vice President of Research, Dr. Wayne Brough, on how Net Neutrality regulations will change the internet.

z06gal's picture

These idiots will not be happy until they regulate EVERYTHING. I see there are some here who have drunk the koolaid that NN is about internet freedom. Well, if you like your healthcare you can keep it....if you like your provider, you can keep him/her. You people will believe anything. This is akin to the so called "fairness doctrine." If you honestly believe the internet will be free and unregulated, then I don't know what to say. NN is nothing more than Obamacare for the internet.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Wrong. Net neutrality is not about regulation of the internet. Its actually totally the opposite. Net neutrality simply put is about ensuring that the bandwidth inherent in internet communications is not manipulated or otherwise intentionally metered out by providers. If you look more recently a number of ISP providers have actually intentionally limited overall bandwidth allotments to some of the streaming video services. This has nothing to do with anything other than these ISPs trying to quash what is becoming competition against their old and now worn-out cable business models.

haburesolute's picture

They want to marginalize conservative communications to what they call 'chatter'. They are spying on this site thrum targeting of individual members. In realtime. There are a number of FCC felonies, but under the democrat marxists, they are supported and enabled. This is a coalition of worker's groups, political groups, corporations, and a weaponized government.

dragon52's picture
c r stephens

That's nonsense. The entities that are fighting net neutrality can hardly be described as "democrat Marxists" (They include Grover Norquist and Rupert Murdoch). Nearly all represent conservative interests (at least nominally- the only ideology they subscribe to is predicated on self-interest and unbridled greed).
They are the ones fighting net neutrality because they want to bring they internet under their control. To that end, they are trying to dupe the public into believing that net neutrality is "government control", "government regulation", "socialist", etc., etc. Don't be fooled by this. If they succeed in preventing net neutrality we won't see a free internet again in our lifetime.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

There is nothing here to clear up. If you want big cable companies to strictly control how you use internet bandwidth then sure- be against net neutrality. If you like having the freedom the internet was intended to provide from its inception... you should be for net neutrality. That's all there is to it.

dragon52's picture
c r stephens

BINGO! That's it in a nutshell.
Nearly all media in this country is controlled by six corporations. These telecom giants are the ones fighting against net neutrality.