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Press Release

How Will Cap and Trade Effect You?


Cap and trade is being called the largest tax hike increase in U.S. history and its effects will fall hardest on states that depend on industry.   The Consumer Energy Alliance is holding events next week across Michigan and South Dakota to dig into the ramifications cap and trade will have on business.  Lunch will be provided. 

This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn more about what this legislation could mean for your business and family.

  • Nov. 17: Lansing, MI: click here for more information
  • Nov. 18: Grand Rapids,MI: click here for more information
  • Nov. 19: Kalamazoo, MI: click here for more information
  • Nov. 20: Sioux Falls, SD: click here for more information

Cap and trade is a serious threat to the economies of Michigan and South Dakota.  According to studies by the National Manufacturers Association, Michigan could see a loss of up to 90,800 jobs by 2030 and South Dakota could see upwards of 8,739 jobs lost under cap and trade.  At the same time states are bleeding jobs, the cost of energy - gasoline, electricity - will skyrocket. The Heritage Foundation also has a great congressional district breakdown of the costs of cap and trade to our economy.

It's pretty clear this is a plan we can't afford. Go to the events and learn how cap and trade will effect you and what you can do to stop it.  Hope you can make it.