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Press Release

Hundreds of North Carolina CSE Activists Storm the Capitol demanding "We Want Less"


Nearly 500 North Carolina CSE (NC CSE) activists came from across state to participate in the 2nd Annual NC CSE Day at the Capitol. Some activists met their buses in far western counties of North Carolina as early as 6 a.m. Some drove at least an hour just to get to their buses. The air was crackling with excitement as the local activists signed in early for the day’s activities. These North Carolinians knew that this was their day-the People’s Day-and they were ready to get their message of "We Want Less" out to the legislators in Raleigh.

Nearly 500 NC CSE activists showed up to show
their support for CSE’s message of "We Want Less."

Included in the day’s events were U. S. Congressman Walter B. Jones (N.C.-3), State Minority Leader, Representative Leo Daughtry, Mecklenburg County Commissioner Jim Puckett, Wilmington Mayor Pro Tem, City Councilwoman Katherine Bell Moore, and CSE President Paul Beckner. The program began with cheers as NC CSE Director Jonathan Hill enthusiastically lead the activists in a chant of "We Want Less." As 19 school children from a Mecklenburg County school recited the Pledge of Allegiance, CSE’s activists knew why their task of urging our legislators to build a strong sound economy by enacting "The People’s Agenda" was so important-our families and children’s future depends on it. After the program the activists again energized gathered for another round of legislative visits.

NC CSE Director, Jonathan Hill speaks
to the crowd during the CSE day.

News of this event spread like wild fire across North Carolina as our volunteer activists returned to their communities and talked about how they made their voices heard and the importance of the “The People’s Agenda.” NC CSE expects the next CSE Day at the Capitol to be an even larger event as everyday North Carolinian find their voice again in North Carolina politics through NC CSE.