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I Don't Have Kids, But I'm Forced To Buy Pediatric Dental Insurance

Amelia and VirgilGood news, readers. I now have pediatric dental insurance. I don’t have kids, I have a dog.  I'm not responsible for the teeth of any children at all, but I’ve got the insurance now just in case. I don’t need pediatric dental insurance, I didn’t know I wanted pediatric dental insurance, but Obama thinks I do, so I must now buy it.  

That’s right. I got a call from my health insurance company to discuss changes to my plans due to Obamacare. One of those changes was the addition of pediatric dental insurance. I naively explained that I don’t have children, as though that might make a difference, and was told that it didn’t matter. Whether or not I have children, whether or not they have teeth, and whether or not I wanted dental care for said teeth if they existed is not relevant in today’s America. The government says I need pediatric dental care, so I am now paying for pediatric dental care. 

It’s not expensive. In fact, it's a negligible amount of money. However, it’s a negligible amount of my money, and I’d like to spend it as I see fit. I had no say at all in the matter. It’s not as though the government can trust regular Americans to make their own decisions about useless coverage. My Dad likes to say that “a lot of a little is a lot,” and I have to assume that mine is not an usual story. How many people are being forced to pay a negligible amount? How much is being taken from Americans for health care they neither want nor need? You can bet it adds up to a significant amount of money. 

Virgil In the America of 2014, we have the government forcing men to purchase maternity coverage and people without children purchasing pediatric dental insurance. While I don’t have children,Virgil, my dog just had his first birthday, and he has teeth. Do you think they’d notice if I stuck him in the dental chair? I might as well get something for my money. 

Fielding Mellish

I suppose if you must contribute to the pediatric dental care of other people’s children the rest of us should pitch in for your dog’s teeth!

Do you also lament your tax dollars going towards public works and schools? Would you have our roads littered with the bodies of the uninsured or would you prefer to live in a civilized nation where we care for the elderly and educate the young? Have you ever taken a civics class?

On behalf of little children everywhere thank you very much for helping America smile! We've got your back Ms. Hamilton; you and your dog!

Fielding Mellish

It is not appropriate to categorize me as some sort of socialist just because I extol the virtues of civic responsibility I make a good living and I am putting my children through University (without any assistance from anybody, thank you very much)! And on top of taxes and tuitions I pay a tremendous amount of money keeping my family insured! And because we are healthy and responsible individuals you already understand where my money is being spent: on parasite miscreants that think they don’t need insurance!

Obamacare mandates that those that can afford to pay insurance premiums do precisely that: pay insurance premiums! In other words, Obamacare outlines a vital civic responsibility.

If you believe that you are prepared for every catastrophe, Caption Corey, you would be mistaken! Please not that I said “if you believe”; I don’t know what your insurance situation is. I hope that next time you’ll extend me the same courtesy and not depict me as a socialist leech that can’t even take care of my own back!

Nobody is asking you to give one of your cars away! Obamacare mandates that those that afford health care pony up! I don’t understand why you’ve got a problem with that! You aren’t one of those “free chicken and beer” parasite liberals are you?


Well Mr. Mellish, the truth is you don’t have anybody’s back, not even your own. Suppose Mr. Mellish, that you have two cars. One day a government official knocks on your door and demands that you give one of your cars to your neighbor across the street who happens not to own a car. I’m sure, by your reply above, you would have no problem whatsoever about doing it. Right? I’m also sure that if you are working, you take only enough money that you need to survive and you give the rest of your salary away, perhaps to those poor little children so they can have a big white smile. Correct? After all that is the socialistic way all Americans should live and conduct themselves. But then again, maybe you aren’t working but living off the rest of us like a socialist leech. That also won’t surprise me.

The poor have always been with us Mr. Mellish, and so have the uninsured, and I have yet to see the roads littered with their bodies nor is there any such history of that ever happening. What we have here with Obamacare is the biggest socialistic transfer of wealth in the history of the world. That is all it is plain and simple. A means of taking from the haves and giving to the have nots. Well, if you have studied any history at all, which you obviously have not, you would know that it doesn’t work. Socialism has the longest and greatest stream of historic failure, more so than any other concept or ideology.

Nobody laments about their tax dollars being used for essential projects. The US Constitution along with state constitutions give to some degree that right to the governments. But neither federal nor state constitutions, give the government the right to demand that you give part of your property away, either outright or by forced purchase of a product or item such as Obamacare does. That is the big difference that you don’t seem to understand.