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If Obama Wants Kids On Stage, Let's Give Him Kids On Stage

Today, Obama is once again going to ignore the Constitution. This time, the Constitutional right under attack is gun control. According to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, Obama will be presenting a “concrete package” of proposals which will water down the Constitutional rights of American citizens. What makes this more despicable than the average Obama overstep is the fact that when he presents this proposal,  he will be surrounded by children. Maybe it’s time for conservative leaders to do the same...with an issue that actually applies to every American child. 

Each American’s share of the national debt is $52,204. That means that every man, woman, and child who is a citizen of the United States is automatically saddled with debt. Meanwhile, we have no budget (1,358 days and counting), no plan, and spending is out of control. I propose that conservatives call for spending cuts on a stage filled with children. Each of these children could be holding a sign proclaiming this number or what that would mean to them. For example, “My debt could have paid for a college education." Perhaps that message would resonate.  

Every child in America is saddled with this debt and, with our government spending at a rate of $3.6 billion dollars every day, this debt is growing. While Obama is trotting out children as props to evoke an emotional reaction, an issue that is truly the problem facing children is seen as an unemotional issue. How can future generations succeed when the government doesn’t seem to be able to stop spending? That is the problem harming America’s children. It is immoral to rob our children of the opportunities that lie ahead simply because politicians refuse to make tough choices today. Let’s put it out there for everyone to see. 

Edward Burger

Actually , I'm surprised that Obama isn't putting wall size pictures of greiving parents with superimposed blood running down . Or maybe he hasn't thought of that yet .