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The Impeachment Trial & President Biden’s Hypocritical Executive Order Spree | Save The Nation

Save the Nation once again brings you analysis of our ongoing national conversation. Host Adam Brandon, talked impeachment with National Review’s John Fund, and the path forward for the GOP with freshman Rep. Nancy Mace. Also featured, co-host John Tamny talks supply-side economics with Steve Forbes.

Save the Nation is a new weekend show on Newsmax TV that has the pulse of the American people and brings the news of the day home to America’s heartland every Sunday at 11:00 am ET.

Adam Brandon and John Tamny will provide in-depth analysis and insight on the events of the week and how they impact the days ahead.

Filled with newsmaker interviews and lively panel discussions, our hosts will answer the questions that matter most to the American people.

Covering the economy, politics, and culture, Save the Nation is the perfect way to start your week in the know.

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