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Press Release

Indiana Gov. Daniels Approves Most Expansive School Voucher System in U.S.

Indianapolis, IN- Today, FreedomWorks activists across the state of Indiana are celebrating the passage of legislation establishing a statewide school voucher program. The bill allows families to choose the school that best meets the individual needs of their children. The legislation was approved along with other Daniels proposals for education reform, including the expansion of charter schools, merit-based pay for teachers, and restrictions on the collective bargaining powers of teachers unions.

School choice vouchers cost taxpayers a fraction of what they would pay under a public school system monopolized by teachers unions, and have proven to boost student performance at every level. Just as competition and choice improve everyday products in the marketplace, they have positive effects on schools as well.

“The bold leadership of Gov. Daniels to advance the principles of freedom is exactly what voters are looking for,” commented Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks. “We applaud Mitch Daniels for having the legislative courage to propose these sweeping educational reforms, and we hope it will inspire governors across the country to do the same.”

FreedomWorks recently awarded Governor Daniels with the FreedomWorks "Legislative Entrepreneur Award" for his dedication to rein in spending and restore economic competition in Indiana. “Legislative Entrepreneurs” are identified by their deep-rooted commitment and unwavering leadership in the promotion and defense of economic liberty.

FreedomWorks will continue to support school choice and education reform efforts in states like Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

“Victory in Indiana is just the beginning,” added Kibbe. “School choice is sweeping the nation state-by-state, and FreedomWorks will be there to support taxpayers and parents every step of the way.”