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Press Release

Internet Under Attack: Is Gov. Doyle Worse than SPAM?


Wisconsin FreedomWorks today called upon Governor Jim Doyle to immediately stop his consideration of continuing Internet access taxes in apparent violation of a new federal law.

Recently, FreedomWorks praised Congressman Sensenbrenner for his work in Congress to prevent Wisconsin from taxing its citizens’ access to the Internet. That work culminated in the bi-partisan support and passage of S.150, “The Internet Tax Nondiscrimination Act.”

Many of FreedomWorks 700,000 members nationwide sent email and faxes to Congress in an extraordinarily popular FreedomWorks/CSE grassroots campaign. S. 150 was the result, a good new law that protects consumers across the country from state and local taxes on their Internet access bills. Gov. Doyle’s flouting of the spirit of federal law is a blatant example of his attempt to fill government coffers at the expense of hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin Internet users, many of whom are small businesses.

Wisconsin FreedomWorks State Director, Cameron Sholty, exclaimed, "Is Gov. Doyle really so out of touch that he thinks continuing this absurd tax is a good idea? What's more, the Governor's tax-and-spend plans are also an apparent violation of federal law. Abolishing this tax will save Wisconsin taxpayers nearly $25 million and make it more affordable for our citizens to get online. Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet just so you could tax it, Gov. Doyle. Outrageous."