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An Interview With Empower Member Markeece Young

Social media has been a fantastic tool for my outreach efforts connecting with black conservatives.

Last year, I was contacted by nineteen year old North Carolina college student Markeece Young on Twitter hoping I would promote his declaration on why he is a young black conservative Republican (see post here).

Markeece’s story struck a cord with thousands of individuals throughout the country resulting in overwhelming support for his courage.

On March 28, Markeece joined us for an Empower panel discussion in Durham. The panel was comprised of a diverse group of individuals with respect to age, education and life experiences (see post here).

Markeece did a great job on the panel and he had the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals for feedback and support.

Markeece is an inspiring individual with a bright future.

I sat down with Markeece for a one on one interview following the event.

Visit Markeece’s website

Please follow Markeece on Twitter @YoungBLKRepub