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Press Release

Iowans Rally For Common-Sense Energy Policies and Support the Bush Plan


On May 17, 2001, grassroots members of Iowa Citizens for a Sound Economy (Iowa CSE) gathered outside of an energy conversion facility in Nevada, Iowa, that President Bush was touring, to demonstrate their support for the president’s energy plan. "Our activists in Iowa turned out to say that reliable and affordable energy is important to not only average people in Iowa, but all Americans," said Jason Gross, Iowa CSE Director.

Citizen Activists Present President Bush with Reliable Energy T-Shirt. Gross commented: "It was very exciting, President Bush came right up to us, remarking that he had seen our ‘Reliable Energy Now’ shirts from the stage. I informed the President that some our members were here and they would like to present one to him. CSE member Brian Donaghy then gave the shirt to him (see picture above). We all thanked him for his efforts and told him about the growing CSE army that’s behind him."

Iowa CSE Director Jason Gross discusses CSE’s support
for the Bush Plan with Energy Secretary Abraham.

CSE Commences National Grassroots Effort. Earlier in the week, CSE launched a national grassroots effort to support President Bush’s national energy policy. On May 17, several CSE activists gathered outside the energy conversion facility in Nevada, Iowa, as President toured the facility.

"As the United States faces a heightening energy crisis, it becomes more and more clear that an aggressive energy plan is needed," Gross said. "President Bush has proposed such a plan and we look forward to working hard in Iowa to educate our citizens about the president’s plan — and doing what we can to counter calls for such disastrous ideas as price controls.

EPA Administrator Whitman talks with
Iowa CSE staff and volunteer activists.

"Americans and Iowans alike are beginning to realize that the extremist environmental policies of the Clinton administration are now affecting their ability to have reliable and affordable energy. By whipping up grassroots support in Iowa and nationwide, we will help the president successfully implement his environmentally sensitive, economically sound energy policy," concluded Gross.