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Press Release

Jack Kemp Delivers Major Address on America's Economic Future at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library


SIMI VALLEY, CA. Today, Empower America co-director Jack Kemp delivered a speech at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on the economic outlook for 2001 and beyond. In a speech entitled, "Economic Growth: A Charge To Keep," at a conference sponsored by The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Investors Business Daily, Kemp outlined the principles that became the foundation for Ronald Reagan’s success and how to practically apply them today to ensure economic prosperity for years to come.

In the speech, Kemp contends that the Bush Administration has a charge to keep: to free America from the "debt-trap" policies of the past and move quickly to fundamentally reform the tax code. With surplus projections increasing and significant signs that economic growth has stalled, Kemp argues President Bush should advance a larger and more immediate tax cut plan than originally proposed, along with an aggressive move to create incentives for investment, savings and economic growth.

Finally, Kemp outlined a specific agenda that President George W. Bush and the Congress should adopt to help spur economic prosperity and build on Reagan’s accomplishments in the 21st Century.

Read the speech: Economic growth: A charge to keep