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Joe Biden vows to END shareholder capitalism? What does that mean?

I don’t think even he knows, but it seems like Joe, along with his hyper-progressive advisors, want to tear down the very system that built up all of America. Sounds like a Bernie Sanders dream world.

He claims that ending shareholder capitalism would make corporations responsible to their workers, their communities, and their country; however, it is shareholder capitalism itself that benefits those groups the most.

Every dollar the government takes away from growing companies is a dollar it takes AWAY from workers, AWAY from communities, and AWAY from the good of our whole country -- As the best way to lift up all in society is to unleash investment in the private sector.

Joe should know this himself, having personally benefited from shareholder capitalism more than the average American. Under no other system could a career politician with no other hard skills be worth $9 million.

Joe wasn’t paid $9 million for being a Senator. He earned it through investing -- Which is an opportunity that ALL Americans should have.

But now, he wants to take that away? For me, but not for thee? Say it ain’t so!