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Join Us for School Choice in Erie, Pennsylvania

School Choice Week is here at last! FreedomWorks shares the passion of National School Choice Week to help all children gain access to a better education. As part of this effort, we are co-hosting an event this Thursday, January 31, in Erie, Pennsylvania and hope you can join us! Pennsylvania is starting one of the largest private school tax credit programs in the country, and we are proud to support them and the work they are doing for Pennsylvania's children. 

Along with the Free to Choose Network and National School Choice Week, FreedomWorks will be sponsoring a reception with great speakers including Andrew Campanella, National School Choice Week President, PA Rep Jim Christiana, author of school choice legislation, and FreedomWorks’ own Ana Puig and Anastasia Przybylski. Join us at the Erie Art Museum starting at 4:30 PM to learn more about school choice and to support those fighting for every child to have a better education. 

Not near Erie? The School Choice Week Whistlestop Tour is making a total of fourteen stops around the country. Check to see if there is a stop closer to home! 

Click here and select the Erie event to RSVP.