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Key Vote YES on the Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act, H.R. 2009

As one of our millions of FreedomWorks members nationwide, I urge you to contact your representative and urge him or her to vote YES on the “Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act”, H.R. 2009.  Introduced by Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), this bill would completely sever the IRS from any role in implementing or enforcing ObamaCare.

Under the President’s health care law, the IRS is set to have a primary role as the enforcer of ObamaCare.  It is the IRS that enforces the unconstitutional mandates on individuals and businesses, collecting a “tax” (according to Chief Justice Roberts – a “fine” according to common sense) from those who have not purchased government-approved health insurance. 

In order to determine whether you have an approved insurance plan, the IRS has to collect data about you – a truly staggering quantity of data.  They will access this information through a new Federal Data Services Hub (FDSH), a data hub of unprecedented scope that brings in data from a multitude of different federal agencies.  The data available to the IRS contains, in the words of one congressman, “every bit of sensitive information one would need to know to completely take over the identification of a person.”

Given the staggering number of scandals that have rocked the IRS lately, with IRS officials targeting groups for political reasons, leaking tax information about candidates, and even illegally seizing medical records, it is clear that trusting the IRS both to zealously safeguard our personal information and to enforce the mandates with an even hand would be foolhardy.  For the sake of our privacy, and for the sake of our liberty from the tyranny of ObamaCare’s mandates, we absolutely must keep the IRS off our health care.

I urge you to call your representative and ask him or her to vote YES on the “Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act”, H.R. 2009. We may count their vote as a KEY VOTE when calculating FreedomWorks’ Economic Freedom Scorecard for 2013. The Scorecard is used to determine eligibility for the FreedomFighter Award, which recognizes Members of Congress who consistently vote to support economic freedom.


Matt Kibbe

President and CEO