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Latest Obama Approval Ratings Spelling Trouble for Democrats in 2014

In 2008 and 2012, Senator and President Obama was the solution for Democrat victories across the country. Minorities stood by his side, the youth stood by his side and most importantly, moderates were sticking by his side.

Just one year later, things could not be more different. Obama’s lies and excuses have finally caught up with the majority of Americans. As a result, it is significantly hurting the Democratic Party . As you most likely know, President Obama has hit a new low with his approval rating at only 38 percent.

This isn’t surprising news, however. Quinnipiac, The Economist and Reuters have released polls in the last two weeks with Obama’s approval rating under 40%. In addition, RealClear Politics has Obama’s average approval rating at a dismal 41% while also showing only 26% believe our country is headed in the right direction.

If this hasn’t sent the Democratic Party into panic mode, I don’t know what will. Unfortunately for President Obama and the Democrats, it doesn’t stop there. Minorities and the youth are starting to wake up to Obama’s failures as well.

According to a Gallup poll released last week, Obama’s support from minorities is waning fast. In just under a year, Obama’s support from Blacks has dropped 9% while his support from non-whites has dropped 17%. The most surprising statistic in this poll was the number of Hispanics who now disapprove of Obama. In December of 2012, 75% of Hispanics approved of Obama. As of last month, only 52% approved. This poll also shows a sharp drop in support from low-income families, women, moderates, independents and even liberals.

As for the youth, they too are giving up on Obama and his policies. A poll released last week by Harvard University showed only 41% of 18-29 year olds approving of President Obama while 52% would throw him out of office, given the chance. Not only in my school, but across the country, students are finally realizing that the growing national/student loan debt, Obamacare and high unemployment will hurt them the most. The youth were a key in Obama’s 2012 victory, but even they are jumping ship.

The American public has woken up in the nick of time, meaning trouble for Democrats in 2014, but we can’t slack off. We need even more conservatives across the country donating their time and money to conservative causes and candidates. The 2014 Mid-term Election is the last chance this country has to send a strong message to the Obama administration. America has at last woken up, giving conservatives the opportunity to win the Senate and hold the House in 2014. Instead of infighting or attempting the task of “Impeaching Obama”, we need to focus at the task at hand. President Obama’s actions have opened up a door of opportunity, and we cannot squander it.