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The Left's War on Wealth | Moore Money with Steve Moore

Senator Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the radical Left is absolutely DETERMINED to rob anyone that's been successful in America of everything they've earned. Stephen Moore shows just how disastrous that would be for ALL of us, including the middle class.


Democrats or "The Santa Claus Party" all try to outdo one another on how much "FREE STUFF" they will give voters, if they just vote for them. With 22 Trillion in national debt- what is a 100 Trillion more in promises if they can win election??? Both parties realize one undeniable fact - we are way past ever having a balanced budget ever again, they both realize it is too late for fiscal sanity today-because it would take massive draconian cuts and reforms - that would cause anarchy and blood flowing in the streets if enacted. The Democrats have created a virtual welfare society where 1/3 of the population is on some form of welfare or government assistance, and if they stop or cut those monthly checks and benefits - those welfare recipients many who have weapons would wreak havoc on the streets of the cities of this country. They both are just kicking the can down the road as long as they can until the whole fiscal house of cards comes tumbling down around our ears, as it surely will at some point in the future.