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Let The Taxpayers Rejoice, Group Says

on 7/18/01.

This Friday, millions of American taxpayers will be mailed tax rebate checks as part of the Bush tax relief plan that Congress passed a few weeks ago.

Paul Beckner, president of Citizens for a Sound Economy issued the following statement regarding this momentous event:

"This Friday, the Treasury Department will begin to send out tax rebate checks to literally millions of American taxpayers. This much needed tax rebate is due to President Bush's tax relief plan, which passed Congress a few weeks ago.

"These rebate checks should provide an additional boost to the economy, as taxpayers receive a few hundred dollars they can use to purchase items such as clothing for their children as they prepare to go back to school, or perhaps a new television. Some taxpayers may even choose to pay down some of their debt.

"Irrespective of what the pundits and so-called experts say, this tax rebate, and the president's tax plan will be good for our economy because it gives taxpayers more freedom over their lives by allowing them to keep more of their hard-earned money."

"On behalf of our nearly 300,000 members we wish to say thank-you President Bush and thanks to those in Congress who worked to pass this tax relief package. Without their courage to stand up for what they believed was right, Americans would have continued to suffer under the burden of high taxes and bigger government."