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Press Release

Letter to Congress: Inject Market Forces into Govt Services

July 9, 2004

Dear Congressman,

Competitive sourcing is vital to limiting the size of government. It allows the private sector to offer more cost-effective alternatives for those commercial jobs performed by bureaucrats. Just like in the real world, the highest-value service receives the contract. Regardless of whether the government continues to perform the service or a private company takes over, cost savings are achieved in the process and taxpayers can breathe a little easier.

Injecting free market forces into government services acts as a catalyst for cost reduction and more sensible government. We see a direct correlation between an increase in competitive sourcing and a reduction of government expenditures and pressure for higher taxes. The same services that the government now provides will be done with greater quality, efficiency and (best of all) at a lower cost to the taxpayer.

We support the passage of legislation that encourages competitive sourcing and oppose amendments and legislation that undermine it. Our organizations have or will key vote competitive sourcing votes as an important component of our annual ratings. Exposing and eliminating inefficient and ineffective government expenditures is your responsibility to the American taxpayer. Competitive sourcing is one of the best ways to protect taxpayers against government waste.

Grover Norquist President
Americans for Tax Reform

Thomas Schatz Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

Richard Lessner American Conservative Union

John Berthoud
National Taxpayers Union

Matt Kibbe
Citizens for a Sound Economy

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

National Federation of Independent Business