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Major Victory for School Choice in Pennsylvania

With the passage of SB1 through the state Senate 27-22 Wednesday evening, Pennsylvanians are closer than they’ve ever been to enjoying the benefits of true choice and competition in their school system.

For more than 10 months, FreedomWorks and our allies across the state have been fighting to achieve school choice, but the work isn’t finished. The next stop for SB1 is the House of Representatives, where the continued leadership of Governor Corbett and support from all of our members will be required to make school choice a reality.

But first, please take a moment to thank those 27 Senators who stood up for Pennsylvania parents and students by voting in favor of school choice. As important as it is to make our voices heard when legislators mess up, it’s equally crucial to thank them when they take a principled stand.

Here is a list of the Senators who voted yes on school choice:

Alloway, Argall, Browne, Brubaker, Corman, Dinniman, Earll, Eichelberger, Erickson, Folmer, McIlhinney, Mensch, Orie, Piccola, Pileggi, Rafferty, Robbins, Scarnati, Smucker, Tomlinson, Ward, Washington, Waugh,  White, Don, White, Mary Jo, Williams, Yaw

Congratulations to the tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians who helped bring school choice this far by calling, emailing and visiting their state legislators and Governor Corbett.

With your continued help we will see SB1 finally become law and the future of Pennsylvania become even brighter.


God Bless Pennsylvania for having intelligent people!

Bob Hauser

On behalf of those of us in the Yellow State----Californicate-----where the Constitution is honored solely in the breach and never in the observance, where the public FOOL system is straight out of the pages of Mordechai Levi (aka "Karl Marx") and some of us had to finally take our kids out of school and teach them at home.....all out kudos to the State and its People of Steel

curt love

Thank god for Pennsylvania, The Senators,and the Governor.This shows that in some parts of this country,We the people are being heard loud and clear.Thanks to all!.

BeyondBallistic.CHI's picture
Nancy Hundrieser

Amen to that, lshepherd!