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"Making Your Voice Heard" with the RSC, Leadership Institute, & YAAS | Women Win 2020

Alexa Walker, Morgan Zegers, and Annamarie Rienzi talk about reaching millennial audiences on social media and how to best communicate a winning message to young conservative women in 2020!


Alexa Walker serves as the Director of Coalitions and Member Services at the Republican Study Committee (RSC) in the US House of Representatives. Her primary role is to lead the organization’s strategic outreach and advise on policy coordination with conservative, advocacy, and grassroots organizations, as well as the business community. Additionally, she helps lead RSC’s strategic communication and development and serves as the liaison to 147 RSC Members and their staff. Prior to her current role, Alexa served former RSC Chairman Mark Walker and in Rep. Walker’s personal office. She has worked for and advised several Republican members of Congress, including Rep. Brat from Virginia and Rep. Labrador from Idaho.

Morgan Zegers is the founder of Young Americans Against Socialism. After graduating from American University in May 2018, she returned to her native town of Malta, New York to run as the Republican nominee for the New York 113th State Assembly. At 21-years-old, Zegers isn’t letting her age stand in the way and says she’s ready to stand up against “corrupt business-as-usual Albany politics.” As a business owner of a small specialty wood crafting business, Zegers wants to push for quality economic development opportunities. As a recent college graduate, affordability is high on her list of priorities.

Annamarie Rienzi is the Political and Fundraising Training Coordinator at the Leadership Institute. She organizes political and fundraising trainings for conservatives all over the country and around the world. Annamarie combines her passion for marketing, program management, and stakeholder stewardship to train conservatives to #LearnToWin. She has had far too many internships for any normal person. Her favorite roles include fundraising at FreedomWorks, policy communications at First Amendment Partnership through the Koch Internship Program, and legislative affairs at her congressman’s D.C. office.