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Press Release

McCarthy Drops Out Due to Grassroots Pressure

Following Rep. Kevin McCarthy dropping out of the Speaker's race, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

"Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the Speaker race because of the House Freedom Caucus and grassroots pressure. Activists across the country sent over 11,000 messages asking their congressmen not to support Boehner 2.0. This is a huge win for conservatives who want to see real change in Washington, not the same go along get along ways of Washington."

"We look forward to seeing a Speaker of the House, and an entire leadership team, that will have an open process that does not punish principled Members for standing up for their constituents and the Constitution. We're ready for real leadership in Washington that will change the status quo, not just represent special interests."

stonestone's picture
stone stone

First of all... This is not a "grass roots" organization. But moving on, if you guys want to know the biggest reason the GOP will lose the 2016 election it's mainly because the GOP is in a battle with itself. The immature belief that somehow you can project that the only way is the staunch conservative way- with zero compromise- then that direction is automatically prone to failure. The conservative paradise the far right seems to think they can force the country towards will never happen and most republicans already know that.
This country has always and will continue to be one where laws, decisions and leadership comes through dialogue and compromise. Without compromise there will only be repeated failure for those who refuse to compromise. That is the very tactic the far right is undertaking and in turn trying to enforce on the GOP.
We are witnessing the end of an era for the GOP where for a brief 20 or so years the neoconservative movement had some degree of success by concentrating on the far right base instead of the broader voting demographic. That worked for awhile but the country's demographic composition has changed dramatically and that same base- though they might yell
Louder and louder as their influence wanes- cannot overcome that change.
My sincere hope is that after 2016 the GOP will have a serious focus on how to make itself more widely acceptable to more Americans. We need a strong two party system where both parties address and represent the concerns of a wide swath of the American public . When all a party can manage to do is obstruct then they have lost their ability to govern. Let us hope for a future, healthy, and relevant GOP for the future.