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The Media is Biased. Do Something About It.

Few things are as annoying as the right's collective whining about media bias. Yeah, I just went there. Yes, the media is painfully biased. Yes, the majority of press outlets systematically blackout stories and seem to be in collusion with one another in the painting of the national news picture. Yes, it's unfair and yes, it sucks - hard. 

In my career and in life, simply stating a problem exists is not enough. Saying, "but ZOMG! the mainstream media is so LIBERAL!" is really no different than saying the sky is blue or water is wet. It's a fact of life, pleasant or not. Yelling facts at people is also not an effective means of inspiring change. As Dustin Stockton wrote, "Telling other people to "wake up" is an admission of your inability to effectively communicate." I tend to be an action oriented person, so anytime I hear public airing of grievances, my natural response is simply, "what do you plan to do to improve the situation?"   

Conventional wisdom suggests acceptance is the first step towards change. With this, I agree. Digging further into the barrel of self-improvement wisdom is the notion that we must deal with the world as it is before we can be concerned about what it should be. An expert on the subject of change, Alinksy wrote:

I start from where the world is, as it is, not as I would like it be. That we accept the world as it is does not in any sense weaken our desire to change it into what we believe it should be -- it is necessary to begin where the world is if we are going to change it to what we think it should be. 

Of this, I also agree.  But back to the media argument. Since we collectively establish approximately 23,982,585,274 times a day (not a scientific statistic) that the media is in fact biased, we are now free to move forward to the changing it part.  While there are various theories and takes on the issue, my formula for change is very simple -- do something. 

There are many ways to do something, all of which are subject to interest and time.  And while there are always excuses for not taking action, whining and belly-aching never inspired revolution. It was always action that sparked history's greatest changes.  

So my plea to you is simple, stop with the wailing and gnashing of teeth about the media and actually DO something to affect change.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

The media is only as liberal as the huge right-leaning news conglomerates will allow it to be.

utaheduc8or's picture
Dez Keene

One way of getting off our fannys won't take much work but will take some inconvenience. We still have a shrinking vestige of capitalism left. We need to get off our lazy bums and us the remaining capitalism against the press. Letters to editor's and owners of media outlets we know are mocked but, letters and reduced revenue to sponsoring company's will speak very loudly! WRITE ADVERTISER'S! Be willing to accept some inconvenience for the sake of our republic.

Karen Siegemund

"Rage Against the Media" is an organization whose purpose is to fight this media bias. As you point out, we all complain about it, but RATM is the first activist organization that is taking this fight to the streets and to social media. Join our group on Facebook at , find our website, and especially, JOIN OUR PROTESTS on May 4th as well as many other occasions. The TIME to FIGHT IS NOW. There is no fight more fundamental than this - a biased media negates all our other efforts. FIND US and JOIN this ARMY of CITIZEN WARRIORS