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Money Matters

BY Brit Hume
by Brit Hume on 7/2/04.

The latest from the Political Grapevine:

Money Matters
A major donor and fund-raiser for President Bush — who's given more than a half million dollars to Bush's re-election campaign and other Republican causes in recent years — has now donated and raised thousands more for Ralph Nader's (search) campaign. Richard Egan and his family have donated $6,000, and the company he started is one of Nader's biggest contributors. Egan, according to the Boston Globe, hopes boosting Nader will take away votes from John Kerry. Similarly, two pro-Bush conservative groups in Oregon have been calling people around the state, urging them to help get Nader on Oregon's ballot. Citizens for a Sound Economy say the votes Nader pulls from Kerry "could mean the difference in a razor-thin presidential election."