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Must See Video: Rand Paul on Light Bulb Ban During Energy Committee Hearing

Despite their rhetoric, the Department of Energy has little to no interest in protecting consumer choice. These federal bureaucrats believe that they can live your life better than you can. Beginning in 2012, the Department of Energy will ban anyone from using the 100-watt incandescent light bulb. The ban will effect the production of the popular child's toy the Easy-Bake Oven. During the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) gave the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency Dr. Kathleen Hogan an earful. Please see below for the video of Rand Paul saying what is likely on the mind of many Americans.


Some notable quotes:

You're really anti-choice on every other consumer item that you listed. Lightbulbs, refrigerators, toilets you name it. You can't go around your house without being told what to buy.

I really find it troubling this busy body nature that you want to come in to my house. My bedroom, my bathroom, my laundary room. I just find it really insulting. All of your arguments for energy efficiency you're exactly right. We need to conserve energy. But why not do it in a voluntary way? Not where you threaten to fine me or put me in jail if I don't accept your opinion. In America, we believe in trying to convince our neighbors
but not trying to convince them through the force of law.

The good news is that Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wy.) has introduced the S. 395 Better Use of the Light Bulb (BULB Act) to repeal the light bulb ban. It is cosponsored by 22 senators including Rand Paul. In the House, Rep. Marsha Blackburn has also introduced H.R. 91 the BULB Act to turn over the light bulb ban. Call your representatives and let your voice be heard!