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Not Qualified For ObamaCare's Subsidies? Just Lie.

Apparently there is another ramification to the Obama Administration’s delay of the ObamaCare employer mandate. There is a large verification problem. In the 16 states with established insurance exchanges, the Federal government will not be able to verify applicants for insurance subsidies under ObamaCare. Forbes reports,  “Instead, until at least 2015, these states will be able to ‘accept the applicant’s attestation [regarding eligibility] without further verification.’” 

The article continues, “According to the law, you aren’t eligible for Obamacare’s subsidies if your employer has offered you what the government considers “affordable” coverage. But if employers are no longer going to report whether or not they’ve offered “affordable” coverage, how can the government verify whether or not workers are eligible for subsidies?” Instead, the Federal government will be using the “honor system.” Unfortunately, that simply invites abuse. Read more HERE

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