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Press Release

Obama’s $4 Trillion Budget Joke

President Obama released his latest budget, a plan that would spend $4 trillion next year and $50 trillion over the next decade. The plan is packed with goodies from free community college to free preschool to increased infrastructure spending. The budget blows past the spending caps that Obama signed into law in 2011.

While Obama says that his budget stops the growth of the national debt, the growth is only stopped in relation to the GDP, meaning the actual dollar value of the deficit will go back to growing every year starting in 2018. By his own math, this would cause the national debt to reach over $26 trillion by 2025.

“The President’s budget is nothing more than another false promise that the government can provide anything and everything with no fiscal consequences. The solution to our fiscal crisis is to cut spending, not to increase it and add more tax burdens to compensate,” commented FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe.

“It’s ridiculous to even propose increases in spending when the national debt is already over $18 trillion. This budget is a joke that doesn’t take reality into consideration. When will political leaders stop the generational theft that is occurring in Washington?”

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