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Obama Parties While Americans Struggle

Who doesn’t love some Memphis soul music? Certainly, no red-blooded American could feel that way. However, in the current economy, we are all being forced to cut back on things that we enjoy.  Entertainment expenses are on the chopping block around the country. Concert attendance is down as people are cutting back on non-essentials. It’s not just musical events, either. People are staying home and watching sporting events on television rather than spending money on tickets to be at the game. Household budgets around America are feeling the squeeze, well, unless it's the White House budget, that is. 

Last night, President Obama and the first lady paid tribute to Memphis soul in the latest “In Performance at the White House.” Performers included Justin Timberlake, Queen Latifah, Cyndi Lauper, Charlie Musselwhite, Mavis Staples, and others. This star-studded event is typical of the “Let them eat cake” mentality of the Obama administration.

As Sean Hannity pointed out, the Obamas were partying while 50 million Americans live in poverty, and food stamp participation is up 48 percent since Obama took office. So, while Obama partied with celebrities, even his usual fawning pool of press sycophants weren’t even allowed to stick around and enjoy the fun. They can watch at home with the rest of we plebeians when it airs on PBS next week. 

So we're clear, Obama is keeping the White House tours closed to the building’s rightful owners, the taxpayers, the people, but the celebrities party inside by invitation only. Sounds pretty typical of this well-insulated administration. While average Americans struggle to make ends meet, Obama continues to live his life of luxury. Does he not know Americans are struggling, does he not care?

Maybe Obama was just feeling like the Mavis Staples song “Tonight, I Feel Like Dancing.” Maybe it just hasn’t occurred to him that you can’t always do what you feel like, even when you’re the president. He needs to grow up and accept that like the rest of us.  

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Really? That's all this article is about? The President had a party at the White House? So in that case does that mean that every single American, including those that don't have jobs NEVER-ever have parties, or have a good time every once in awhile? And if this article is meant to say that Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr, and all of the other Presidents didn't have such events at the White House then I recommend brushing up on your history. They ALL did the exact same thing. But since conservatives claim to be the sole holders of all things fiscally related, then we could just as easily turn the story around and claim that this event was actually a huge economic boost to all of the record producers, recording artists, distributors, and the record store owners whom all benefited from the exposure of the artists who performed. In that case I could just as easily suggest that blaming the President for having an event is against business and putting money into the pockets of all who directly or indirectly benefited, whom I might add are all Americans just like the rest of us.

The days of pulling nonsense out of the air in an attempt to try and persuade people to due the bidding of conservative causes is over and this last election more or less proved it. Perhaps I would suggest some of you need to consider changing parties and get on board with the one that actually has relevance in today's America. Stories like these aren't really benefiting anyone or anything.

James Bond

Hey Stone(d),
Socialism is not just a republican buzzword. Obama is fundamentally changing this country's culture into a dependent society. Look at the unemployed stats and number of Americans on disability. Deficits are now climbing faster than in any previous presidency as government attempts to build and accelerate social programs to provide support, and soak the rich to pay for it all.

Religion is the new enemy. The army now labels catholic and Protestant Christianity as terrorist organizations. They want us to believe that Government is the anecdote. Guns are in the process of being registered and confiscated. Meanwhile, As Rome is burning, the prez is having another party with celebrities. Tell me this is not socialism at its core.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Mr. "Bond", First of all, I don't smoke weed. Secondly, you failed to comprehend the gist of my response, which is that this article, along with perhaps 90% of the others like it are nothing more than hogwash, in an attempt to continually goad people into going along with some sort of political cause. This article lacks a real purpose because the blame it places on Mr Obama for having a (gasp) event at the White House is pointless giving that EVERY single President in US history has done EXACTLY the same thing. Oh- and by the way, using old-fashioned, McCarthy style scare tactics like calling anything and everything "Socialist" and whatnot is yet another thing the GOP seems to have ingrained in it ever-decreasing voting constituency. Most Americans view such statements as silly. Like I said- the GOP lost this last election and they will continue to do so because they continue to resort to silly diatribes much along the same veins as this "debate" Obama won the election. He has a higher approval rating than Bush ever did. Get over it.

James Bond

Stone stone, you are obviously stoned on your medicinal weed. You are way out of your depth, resorting to worn out "demobat" talking points rather than using common sense. Obama's profile is simple - narcissism,socialism, racism and statism. He has no real empathy or compassion for the American people, otherwise he would have never closed White House tours and he would not take exotic trips, commission celbrity swories and play golf like he was retired all for. His own personal benefit.

You don't want to admit it, but Obama is not upholding traditional American values of sacrifice, hard work, ingenuity and patriotism. He is creating a society dependent on the government.his latest budget is all the evidence you need.

And you really won't want to hear this, but GW Bush had more respect for the office and his country than Obama ever had. Tough to hear but true.