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Obama: Presidential Power and the Price of Gas


Democracy and Power 101:  Government is power

The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.

-James Madison,
Speech in the Virginia State Convention of 1829-1830


Obama: Presidential Power and the Price of Gas

Recently, President Obama aggressively demanded the continuation of the 2% payroll tax cut.  Talking to a group of citizens, the President referred to how the additional $40 a paycheck will help offset the increasing cost of gas. 

Catholic Online quoted the President:

"And when gas prices are on the rise again - because as the economy strengthens, global demand for oil increases - and if we start seeing significant increases in gas prices, losing that $40 could not come at a worse time."

Americans should be asking the President:

Mr. President why have you used your power to prevent drilling for oil and natural gas?  Instead you have wasted billions in solar and wind alternative concepts.  Mr. President, your policy decisions have greatly contributed to the increase in gas prices from a $1.79 when you became president to $3.28 in December 2011 – an 83% increase.

Also, Mr. President, the 2% payroll tax-cut will increase the national debt by $200 billion dollars.  Remember debt is an unpaid tax on future workers. Our children and grandchildren will be taxed to pay for the debt, which will slow economic growth, prosperity and freedom.

Knowingly and deliberately, President Obama opposed drilling for oil and extracting natural gas.  Simultaneously, the President directed tax dollars to dubious solar and wind energy schemes.  Energy costs are skyrocketing and the public is disgruntled.  Hence, today the President deems to give workers 2% more income to pay for their gas.  These schemes increase our debt by $200 billion, but puts the burden on future generations.  Meanwhile, the President has stopped importing petroleum from Canada because environmental activists are opposed to it.

What about stopping the financial harm of future generations?   What about the economic crumbling of his country?

Directly, President Obama’s manipulation of governmental power has harmed America and will continue to harm America.  Unfortunately, controlling industry and money lurks in the DNA of most politicians.  As Madison once warned:

The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.

First and foremost, America’s Founders feared the abuse of government’s power.   Attempting to curb the mandates of rulers – presidents, members of congress, judges, factions (special interests groups) and popular opinion (mob rule) - the Founders constructed restraints in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Inevitably, political elites and groups lusting to exploit the powers of government have defied and destroyed the structural restraints of the Constitution. 

To confine government’s overwhelming power, We the People must establish additional restraints.  The process will take time.  First, Americans must appreciate and embrace the necessity of restricting the power of government, particularly the President, Congress, courts and the bureaucracies.  Next, America must have a vigorous debate on how to structure a system of restoring personal freedom.

The Tea Party Budget   is the most comprehensive plan for restructuring and reorganizing America’s system of governance.  Generally, the Budget reduces the size of the federal government in-line with the enumerated powers of the Constitution, and devolves many programs to the states and the people – also in accordance with the Constitution.

The Budget, assembled by thousands of Americans, is a significant start to the national debate, which all concerned Americans must become engaged.  Only, We the People have the power to restrict the crushing power of government.  Join the Tea Party Budget  discussions.

Tater Salad

How corrupt is the UAW these days with Barack Obama as President? Very corrupt and here is proof. No wonder citizens throughout America despise the UAW and Unions as a matter of fact.



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christian kowalski


christian kowalski

good that you mention the courts-they'll most often get overlooked.the Tea Party Budget is great because it suggests significant cuts which are needed.your article yesterday summons it up percisely:it's going to be a gigantic struggle.the fact that a lot of Republicans don't differ too much from Democrats doesn't make it any's gonna be hard to beat P. Obama- with 67m.people depending one way or another on the Fed.Gov.there needs to come an "Outsider" into the "game"-i thought of Donald Trump-but it looked like he'd have a hard time winning too,so it looks like no other option then the Rep.Candidates so far, which often get referred to like a "Clownshow".also these past days was way too much talk about religion,abortion,contraception- these are very important issues-but first the budget and major cuts. this "Outsider" needs major user said yesterday that voting isn't enough anymore,to get involved,get engaged and take action-all true but to fight this monster you need the Almighty$-no way around.

teda's picture
Ted Abram

Yes, America does need an "Outsider" - outside politics as usual in DC. The spontaneous Tea Party uprising is the authentic "outsider," which knows the DC elites - Members of Congress, presidents, bureaucrats and special interest groups - have become corrupted. We must continue to add more independent thinking Americans to being Tea Party "Outsiders" to restore liberty and prosperity in America.